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Michael's musical life began with a Christmas present from his dad - a plastic guitar.  It was around the time the Beatles took America by storm. His early repertoire included “Yesterday", "Secret Agent Man" and other hits like "Ruby Tuesday."  This early exposure to music gave him his primer to his first real instrument, which was a 12 string Gibson he called Sister Rose, in honor of the former owner: a nun from church.  With the Catholic Youth Organization, Michael played that guitar in the first "folk mass" offered in Virginia in 1966.  They played from the last row in case things went badly!  Seeds planted then grew into a lifetime of worship music in ministry and two CD's of original songs.

Michael’s love of many styles of music from folk, country/rock, soul music, funk, blues, and eventually jazz, blossomed into the founding sound in his style and playing.

Michael pursued healthcare as a full-time career but always found a creative outlet through music.  Moving from Richmond, VA to Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Toronto, San Diego, and finally to Richmond, Texas near Houston, he played with local groups and always wrote about his life travel and experiences along the way.  That was his passion, "words and music by...".  A number of friends from Richmond, VA went onto successful careers as players and performers in Nashville and around the country and served as mentors along the way.

Hurdle is a songwriter at heart, performer by love, and a craftsman of his instrument.  After winning several song contests in Houston in the early 90's, Michael has written and recorded his own music in an eclectic style; sometimes conventional, sometimes not.  Michael's songs reflect the pain, joy, hope, love and faith that reflect real life. Other pursuits for his music include a project entitled "Signature Sounds"; original tunes licensed by organizations as corporate theme music.

Not bound by genre, but the pursuit of good music, Hurdle has collaborated on instrumental pieces with the incredible Scottish fiddler Paul Anderson, which is slated for release in Spring of 2017. The album entitled Highlands and Houston, is a profound melding of an international Scottish sound laced with the Celtic sounds of “Rose of Glen Davin,” “Jeannie Mo Chride,” or “River Road.” There are also tunes that feature Latin rhythms, like on “Gypsy Joe,” or the waltz of “Highland Moons” to the beautiful balladry of “A Fond Memory,” - there is a truly something for every connoisseur. An international flair with a focus on the world of Celtic meshed with a Texas soulful aptitude.



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